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Sometimes when I’m alone in my room, I dream of big white walls.


I dream of your face before I’ve even seen it,

& I dream of greeting you before I even knew you existed. 

I dream of art beyond my dreams

I dream of pieces that don’t yet exist

& I dream to show you, before I’ve even seen them myself.

I dream bigger than my pockets

Bigger than my opportunities

Bigger than my skill

Bigger than my reach

Bigger than that door that won’t open

But never too big to share with you.


 I have ideas I can’t yet purchase

Ideas that can’t be easily packaged

But ideas can be bartered for with ideas,

& the ideas I have seem to fund each other.

I dream of art larger than my dreams

Art you still feel when you wake up

Art that awakens you to feeling

& art that is present, even when it’s not present. 

I dream of being with you

Of sharing with you

Of experiencing with you

Of showing you.


I dream of you being there with me

& of me being there with you

But for now you’re here, & I’m here.