VISUALIZING IDENTITY (2019 - Work in Progress)

Machine Learning, Data Visualization

A text-to-image Machine Learning project attempting to bridge the perception gap between social identities through AI-made visuals, formed by identity data. These visuals will serve as stand-ins for individuals’ isolated perceptions of experience, and references for better understanding the formation of identity, how identity impacts experience, and how these experiences compare and contrast between social groups.

Special thanks to Riley Wong, Dr. Angie Luvara, Colin Rothfels, and Charlie Lu.

Work currently in progress.

“I feel like a plant in the sun.”

“I feel like a plant in the sun.”


HERE LIES (2019)

Projection, Wood, Props

An installation dedicated to the hundreds of unaccounted for, unmarked, but still unforgotten souls buried at Oakland Cemetery’s “Slave Square.”

Headstone Fabrication: Arielle Symone

Prop Fabrication: Alice Brimmage

Project Management: Joseph Mosby

Featured: Illumine 2019

Special thanks to Beth Malone, Cooper Sanchez, and Richard Harker, Sarah Hakani, and Gerald Lovell for making this project possible.


Wood, Mylar and LED lights

Inspired by grow boxes that nurture and protect plants from harsh elements, we created this structure to be a “human grow box;” a place where you can sit, breathe, reflect, and safely escape the commotion of your surroundings in plain sight.

Partner: Arielle Symone

Featured: Atlanta Streets Alive, Hapeville Gallery Crawl: 20?5

Image Credit: Josh Phillipson & Laura Vela


3D Printed Nylon and Thermochromic Liquid Crystals

Utilizing 3D printing and thermochromic liquid crystals, I created an 8" human heart-shaped sculpture with the ability to respond to human touch. Just as a mood ring reacts when in contact with body heat, the sculpture shifts from black to an array of colors as someone comes in contact with its surface or in response to its environment. The sculpture is an interactive work, aiming to spark a conversation on how we can use technology to enrich human connection instead of detracting from it.

Special thanks to Arielle Symone for fabricating the base.

Featured: An Exploration of Her Ritual, Hapeville Gallery Crawl: 20?5

Image Credit: Jimniiart



Born out of a meditation on the impact of gentrification on Black and Brown communities as well as inspiration from the classic Atari Space Invaders game, I created a clone of the game where players are able to battle against aspects of gentrification to save their hood. (8).gif


Virtual Reality

The "You're Here I'm Here" virtual show was created to serve as a symbol of the possibilities young marginalized artists like myself can create utilizing creativity, innovation, and technology. To have a show virtually does not require the capital or time of a physical show, the opportunity afforded by galleries, nor does it require a location. As long as there's an internet connection present, the show can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, and by anyone. In this virtual space, barriers such as time, money, opportunity, and access don't look like barriers at all.


3D Printed PLA

A sculpture series of four 12" 3D printed sculptures represented the stages of hurting and healing from abuse.

Special thanks to 3D Printed Tech for facilitating the printing.

Image Credit: Dr. Angie Luvara